I'm Richard Blade, the current president of CURFA. This online reservation system allows you to quickly and easily make a reservation for a CURFA activity. If the activity involves a cost, such as a luncheon meeting, you will pay when you register at the activity.

If you prefer, you can make the reservation using our automated phone system at 720-789-5805. Both methods allow you to add extra comments, questions, or requests.


Please fill out the form below. When you have completed it, you may click on the "Submit" button to bring up your compose panel of your email software, which will have a line at the top with various symbols and your data. If you wish to add something to the email that you are about to send to CURFA, you may do so under that top line of symbols and data.

Now all you have to do is click on "Send" on your email panel and an email with your reservation data will be on its way to CURFA!

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